On the 10th November

We went to Oita air port to meet Mr.Pindar Wong, a guest speaker of the BBC, from Hong Kong. The arrival time is scheduled at 5:15 p.m.

Such a name card was prepared.
The young guy, Mr.Pindar with a big luggage,
was very easy to identify.

The first Internet provider in Hong Kong is this young guy, only 28 years old. His parents and wife are in business as well. He is very busy in flying around the world all the time. His office is in his carry bag and his home is on flight seat. At the COARA office, he soon talked with Mr.Aizu, who first arrived from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, about the schedule from tomorrow.

Mr.Aizu moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a half year ago. As he is always full of vitality, I don't feel long time no see. I am expecting the BBC from tomorrow. In the COARA office there are still many things to do.

A digital video program called "Internet Cafe COARA" is ready for on-air. Miss Sawako Yamasaki, a regular popular caster of the program. Thank you for your preparation for recent consecutive days. Aren't you tired?

Mr.Yuuki, thank you for your continuous cooperation on those days. He is preparing name tags of the participant.

The mountain of name tags, pink and green, is on the table. My husband also helps the tag making. Of course, I did it as well.
Mr.Pindar, Mr.Aizu, Mr.Yuuki, Miss.Korenaga, and Mr.Oshima watched with us the Internet Cafe COARA on-air.