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Mieko Nagano : Japan August, 1998

May 11The packing completed.
May 15Now, let's head the USA.
May 16-17Immigration at Seattle, and arrival at New York, JFK
May 19Hudson Valley Drive
May 20President Franklin D.Roosevelt's Home
May 21-22from Hudson valley to Boston
May 23from New London CT to Long Island NY
May 24start of Manhattan life
May 25Exchange with the Haubens, the advocaters of NETIZENSHIP
May 26Musical Blue Man
May 26The Central Park
May 27-28Enjoy The Big Apple!
May 29visit an old friend to New Jersey
May 30American Natural History Museum
May 31New York life
June 1to Washington DC
June 2The 2nd day in DC
June 3 DC downtown tour
June 4 Breakfast meeting and shopping center
June 5Cool sightseeing day
June 6Colonial Beach
June 7Washington Birth Place
June 8A small drive to Shenandoah
June 9The summit of Shenandoah
June 9Cavern in the valley
June 10Trip around Virginia
June 10Moter lodge
June 11Drive was over
June 12Sending a box
June 12Smithsonian Institute
June 13Great Falls Park
June 15Good-bye Washington
June 15Chicago
June 16Visit to our dear old places
June 17An intermission of the trip.
June 18Drive to Lake Como, Wisconsin
June 18Downtown Chicago
June 19A beautiful day!
June 19St.Charles
June 20St.Charles (continued)
June 20Visit to our dear old places (continued)
June 22Phoenix
June 23Trip to Grand Canyon
June 24
Sunset Crater National Park
June 24
Grand Canyon
June 25
Walnut Canyon National Monument
June 25
 Flower collection on the way of driving
June 26
Apache Trail
June 27
Tea ceremony
June 28
Desert Botanical Garden
June 29
Arrived at Los Angeles
June 30
University of California Irvine(UCI)
July 1
Exploring Jim's house
July 2
The Pacific Aquarium
July 3
Taking rest
July 4
The Independence Day
July 5
Los Angeles downtown
July 6
Arrived at San Jose
July 7
To north California beach
July 7
July 8
Stanford University
July 8
July 8-9
Silicon Valley Tour(1)
July 10
Lake Tahoe
July 10
Try Casino
July 11
July 12
The day before
July 12
Silicon Valley Tour(2)
July 13
Farewel America
July 15
Back home
July 18
After the travel

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