April 4, 1998G I visited Ume town, the southmost part of Oita prefecture. By Mie
It is the best day for viewing cherry blossoms. I came up to a suspension bridge in Ume town. The bridge has a unique nickname as "Quarrel song bridge." This comes from a legend that in old days, many groups of child-care girls enjoyed the competition of lullaby in villages around here.
From Oita city, you can drive down route #10 followed by route #326 through Mie-machi to Ume town, or "Home ground of quarrel lullaby." Here is a unique suspension bridge over Kitagawa dam. At the foot of the bridge is a drive in called "Umeria drive road station."
Starting from the station.....
Next cool spot is Kuwanohara tunnel(1,620 meter long.) We walked all through the tunnel. Big trucks are roaring just beside me to blow off my cap. It took about 25 minutes to pass through the tunnel.
Beyond the tunnel is the border of Oita and Miyazaki prefecture. The half part of the tunnel was built by Nobeoka city(Miyazaki) and the other half by Oita prefecture. The tunnel is brand-new, just built in last month.
After we stood on the soil of Miyazaki prefecture, we detoured the hill on the tunnel and came back to Ume town. The distance was 3 kilometers in this case.
Under the full bloom of cherry trees on a mound, I opened the lunch box. I could overlook newly opened Ume Camp Site in which many families were making circles here and there. There were many bungalows as well. At the souvenir shop, I bought a plenty of groceries.