I first visited COARA office in Tenjin on the way of joining 
     "the Internet Tea Party for females in Fukuoka."

I have been thinking if I could find a billboad.
     Oh, yes, I found it! Can you see it?
     The brown building of Hakata Daimaru department store
     at the basement floor of Nishi Nippon Press side.  

The office fitted with glass. They had ceiling and floor works yesterday.
Today, wiring work was also required. Mr. Abe is busy with Nick of Bamboo Net.

Sumi was silently making the home page.
Miss Tomonari went out with Mr. Ono, secretariat general of COARA.

I enjoyed the Internet at a corner of the office.

Thank you all, I have had a good time.

A lot of cherry blossoms were in full bloom under the warm sky.

  by Mie