The other day, on the meeting of Braille Square(a conference room of the PC communication COARA), we talked about that it would be great if we could develop something new in the Square.
we had hoped to have a chance to talk with Mr.Sekine of IBM in order to get a clue from him.
Finally we had a chance to meet the Sekines who visit Yufuin for summer vacation. We hurried to call up the members who have time to go to Yufuin.
Mt.Yufu of today.  
The sky is clear after a long time.
First, we went to a liquor shop Hakariya to get a bottle of local sake for the Sekines.  

Mr.Kimura, the chairman of Braille Square(left)and Mr.Matsuki.

Mr.Yamano, the master of Hakariya looks very busy.
Mr.Goto, another chairman of Braille Square.  
Sorry, his glass was too reflecting.  
We could talk much at the lobby of Tamanoyu hotel.
Mr.Matsuki showed me a "reading note PC."   
It reads all the operations of the Internet.   
I was very surprised to see it for the first time.
Mrs.Sekine and Mrs.Ishida are pleasantly chatting over the note PC. They are very cheerful, indeed...  
The picture is out of focus but you can see them, can't you?
Mr.Sekine is also a member of IBM.  
The Sekines are very wonderful couple, I felt.
A commemorative picture of the participants of the day.  

rear from left:  
Mr.Kiuchi, Mr.Goto, Mr.Matsuki, Mr.Kimura, Mr.Sekine.  

front from left:  
Mrs.Sekine, me, Mrs.Ishida.  

The Sekines said they would join the Beppu Bay Conferencedue to open in coming November. We agreed to have a session to exchange opinions between the Braille Square members and other voluntary groups.  

Ms.Asuka of Tamanoyu hotel took the picture for us.
I get a book titled "PC volunteer" you see  here. I hope I can hear from the author at the exchange meeting.
At the entrance of Hakariya were violet flowers named Higotai thistle.ting. The book was published through a mailing list and just published on the 10th of August.
Today's topics:  

We have already autumn flowers.  
At the entrance of Hakariya were violet 
flowers named Higotai thistle.

On the table in the lobby of Tamanoyu hotel were beautiful Chinese bellflowers.