On December 21st, we had an Internet Tea Party for Female.
This wonderful class already comes up to four times.
As it is now in the Christmas season, a lot of pleasant
airs filled the class.

On the center table were bunch of Christmas trees and
piles of cakes! I brought a yellow mimosa cake.

All students are learning eagerly. We used Windows to
learn how to exchange E-mails and other Internet technologies
easy for beginners. Many discussions crisscrossed over
the table. After the class, we introduced each other.
The moderator is Miss. Yamasaki of COARA. She wears
a Christmas tree brooch on her dress and Santa Claus
embroidered shoes. Ms.Yoshioka, a new member,introduces herself.

Many male members helped us this time as usual. Thank you
very much for them. After cleaning up the class, we had
a small party at "Uotami" to celebrate the successful
completion of the class. As I was so eager to chat and
eat, I had no chance to take pictures by my digital camera.