from Dec.31, 1997 to Jan.1, 1998
"The old year and the new year"

"The old year and the new year" is now beeing aired to the world throughout the Internet!
This is today's reporter, Mr.Ono, general secretary of COARA.
He starts to take picture from COARA office using PHS, PC, and a camera.

Mr.Abe is busy in technical support.

Let's me introduce today's guests.
Can you identify this man who is wearing a uniform
and a small bag of camouflage color on the table?
Yes, his handle name is Ginzasa, Mr. Oishi's real feature.
He is communicating with COARA using color Zaurus.

This is me who has converted COARA office to a noodle shop.
The proprietress in center and her husband Ken on the left,
and who is he on the right? Oh, yes he is Mr."Organic acid", or Mr.Yuuki.

Here, I am a real noodle shop proprietress, right?

The camera is now running automatically.
All members are eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve.
We feel to hear the faint sound of the tolling of temple bells 108 times on New Year's Eve.

Miss.Goto and Mr.Murakami, who have arrived just behind time, also enjoy the taste of noodles.
The receptionist counter was changed to a noodle shop's service counter.

Miss.Tomonari is ready to report the scene. She is happy with a Kitty doll.
Next year.....oh, no, it's already a new year. She claims she will become an "adult" this year.

All participants head toward Kasuga shrine nearby to celebrate the new year.
A lot of people, indeed! They are in line to outside of the gateway to the shrine.
I threw coins into the offertory box from the side.
I wonder if my prayers will be answered in this way?

Mr.Itakura of Heart is about to head to Takatsuka Jizo shrine from now.
His leather jacket fits very well.
Mr.Abe and Mr.Miyazaki are relieved to know that
this evening's live broadcasting may go well as usual.
Thank you very much, indeed.

Mr.Kai has arrived.
He had a fire trouble at his apartment in the year-end.
He looks like to have red eyes.
Let's make this year happy for him!

Oh, sorry, Mr.Oshima. You were outside of the camera.
He helped Mr.Ono as a driver when they went out
to take pictures of Oita Light-up scene.

Thanks of many people, the Internet live report of
"The old year and the new year" was over.
Thank you very much Mr.Ono.
I am sure that COARA will challenge something new as usual this year.
I am expecting the results.
Well, we will have a "Rice cake making party soon in the morning."
Before that, I will go home and take a rest for a while.