The guide to the Hyper Network Work Shop

Toward the realization of CAN (Community Area Network)

The key to promote the local information infrastructure is to make popular of the Internet
type network. We have been advocated already for two years about the concept of CAN 
(Community Area Network) which will bring the revolutionary progress of information 
infrastructure in Japan.


Feb 20(Thu) time:1:00 p.m.

 Session 1 The vision and concept of CAN   Orientation and self introduction(all members)   Basic presentation: "Information Revolution and CAN" by Shumpei Kumon  Session 2 Case study report: "What we have learned from Oita Hypernetwork local experiment" by Tooru Ono  ☆Excursion☆

Feb 21(Fri.)

 Session 3 The latest trend of Japan and the world Introduction of local governments activities.(Yamada village in Toyama prefecture, etc.)    Progress status of administration organizations Kasumigaseki WAN (Management and Coordination Agency) Information oriented status of Asia (the present state of Malaysia's MSC Inter bay project, etc.)      Session 4 CAN technology    Evaluation of XDSL cable modem fixed radio and others.    New trend of the Internet technology: Inter-connection; Internet administration  Session 5 Application of CAN    Communication use by citizens    CAN and Education, Medical care, Welfare    CAN and Business network, Intranet, Electronic commerce

Feb 22(Sat)

 ◆Inspection to Hyper Station   Experimental server; Studio New COARA; Hypernetwork Social Research Institute  Session 6 Problems to realize CAN    System: The roll of government and private industry on CAN solution     How to raise people in charge    Summary discussion:   On the prospect and problem of CAN