August 15, we have Bon festival.BA member of Aurora net Ms. Hiroe Sato, nicknamed Kaniko, revisited her grave in Oita from Kitami city in Hokkaido island. She had traced back her root in January and found the spot of her grandmother.

This time she arrived with her friend Ms.Nemoto. I went to the airport with my son, who is home for the summer vacation, to meet them.

Today, Kaniko is dressed up in black to visit the grave.

Kaniko looks the pictures of her ancestors in front of the grave in Kagachi town. There was a sepia tarnished picture of her grandmother in her young days when she built the tomb. She did up her hair in an oval chignon.
Kaniko brought with her a lot of pictures of the relatives.

A sea shore landscape on the way to Mr."Second"'s restaurant named "Everybody welcome."

Mr.Tanaka, who is a member of COARA and Aurora net as well, looks slimmer than before.

We took delicious wonton and noodles in broth anyway, then talked on various subjects.

After the lunch, Kaniko and her friend took a ferry boat to Himejima island to see the "Fox dance."
My son and I drove through the winding road to go home.

My son's hands. He also joined today's NN mini off-line meeting.

He picked up a large brown cicada on the way home."Oita is a country side indeed, but it is wonderful," he said and laughed.

I had very pleasant two days of the COARA related off-line meeting. Mie