Farewellparty of Gallery of Kamenoi Besso Hotel in Yufuin
I love to be lazy at the Gallery in the aroma of tasteful coffee on the big famous wooden table.
The Gallery was moved from an old sake brewery(established in late Edo era) in Yoshii town of Fukuoka prefecture 24 years ago. Many old fans of the Gallery flocked here in twos and threes to enjoy chatting over Italian wine and original brand coffee. Black lusted thick beams, a big table converted from the bottom plate of an old cask, and always echoing Gregorian dirgel create a cozy atmosphere in an early spring evening.
I was at first afraid that the Gallery could be completely demolished, but am now relieved to learn it will be reborn by "lifted, pulled, and turned to 90 degree." The owner promised to preserve the Gallery's atmosphere as much as possible. We have enjoyed pleasant time well into the midnight.

by Mie