September 1997 Children's play; Bicycle and tricycle

Mieko Nagano : Oita city, Japan

The lingering summer heat is still terrible, but the breeze tells me the sign of autumn by touching my cheek. Red dragonflies are flying in flock lightly in the breeze. My younger brother and I are training to ride a bicycle under the clear autumn sky.

The small lovely bicycle is painted red, and it is equipped with a ringing bell and a light. But it also has a pair of training wheels at the rear. We used to take turns training to ride the bicycle, eagerly hoping to make the wheels removed as soon as possible. I shouted to my brother "Be sure to support the bicycle!" and tried to ride by alone. After a while, I found myself riding the bicycle before I knew it.

Before long, my dad finally removed the training wheels. How happy I was when I could ride the bicycle freely! The youngest brother was still rattling with a tricycle to follow after us, determined not to lose. Dad and mom cheered us that we could finally ride a bicycle.... It is an old happy memory that comes my mind whenever I see a swarming of red dragonflies.