August, 1997 Children's play; Fire Works

Mieko Nagano : Oita city

In the summer evening, I used to go out to enjoy the cool evening breeze in which I play with toy sparklers. Children come by with sparklers hand in hand. Each of them set fire on the sparkler. Children sometimes hesitate to ignite bigger sparklers. Beautiful flashes burst out from the sparkler and finally it makes a big sound.

Skyrocket and swirling firecracker are the favorites of boys. I was always afraid of them and kept distance. Mom and I loved small toy sparklers. At the tip of a thin straw was the paste powder which releases small flash of fire-flower when ignited.

In a firework display at the river bank, many big fireworks paint the night sky with huge fire-flower petals like a chrysanthemum. When you gaze at a tiny sparkler, you will find a small cosmos as beautiful as the large fireworks. An instant illusionary cosmos followed by a pitch black summer night.....