Mieko Nagano : May,1997 Oita City, Japan

The trees are shining in fresh green, carp streamers are fluttering in the garden here and there. It is May, the best season of the year, when the window conveys the fragrance. Children cheerfully run around the fields and hills. Childhood friends may choose their own way as they grow up, but when they meet again, they can easily go back to the old days before they know. How many friends of such a kind do you have? We call them "bosom friends from childhood."

I have two younger brothers. They skip and jump here and there on the bamboo stilts hand made together with their father, wearing a helmet made from folded newspaper. I used to borrow the stilts to try walk, but it was difficult in the beginning. After getting the knack, I could walk on it. The world opened anew when I looked down the garden from the high view point. At first I thought it was a play peculiar to Japan, but I have recently learned by TV that there were stilts, and that they were very tall, on a foreign country's festival as well.