Mieko Nagano : April,1997 Oita City, Japan

Spring has exploded! Flowers are in full bloom in the fields and hillsides. Here and there in the rice paddy, we have fresh green grasses and reddish violet flower. I used to play in my childhood on the carpet of the reddish violet flower of milk vetch or white flower of clover. We often made flower wreathes and put them around the neck or on the head of the play mates The dry rice paddy was really a pleasant play ground.

Sometimes my newly dressed white blouse was accidentally stained by the grass juice, an old pleasant memory indeed. When children get tired playing in the paddy, it is plowed and irrigated. After I grew up, I learned that the grasses and flowers would turn to the good fertilizer. In those days, as people put chemical fertilizer into the paddies, there is little chance to play on the paddy.

In a month or so, we will see the plantation of rice seedlings.