Mieko Nagano : February,1997 Oita City, JAPAN

Mention Kyushu island of Japan, and the first thing that probably comes to mind is a land of moderate climate. People enjoys sunny days through the whole year and people are supposed to have never seen snowfall at all. We have, however, four seasons and distinctive transition of the climate. It goes up to 35 degrees C in summer, while drops down to sub-zero in winter.

We even have occasional snow accumulation on the ground. On such days, children dash out to play with snow, delightfully gathering it to make big snow balls to prepare a snow man. They give eyes and a mouth to it using apples and stones, put an up-side-down bucket on the head as a cap. Lovely "snow rabbit" is one of children's favorites. They put a chunk of snow on a tray. They make eyes by red nuts of Nadine(sacred bamboo), ears by its green leaves.When play-tired children go to beds, the snow rabbit is also gone, probably into the moon to become the shadow on the surface. the Play Archives