October 1997 F Children's play "Hide-and seek"

Mieko Nagano Oita city, Japan

In my childhood, we often played "Hide-and-seek" whenever and wherever several playmates come together. We used to decide "Who is it" game by lots at a back allay. A kid who becomes a "seeker" closes his or her eyes and counts the number as 1,2,3. Other children hide themselves behind house corners or gateposts. But they never hide themselves completely but intentionally and secretly show their tips in order to be found by the seeker. Wow, I found you! Then the roll is exchanged.

We also played the game when we went to the forest by backpacking. There were a lot of hide corners such as big trees, shades of stump, and low spots. My arms were chafed and my knees got skinned by the leaves of thickets. But when we were on break, we sat all together and shared a pleasant time over tea and cookies. It was really a dear old memory, indeed. I wonder how my old play mates like Sabu, Kazu, and Mickey have been going on since then.

One day in a fine autumnal weather, I went out to a highland covered with cosmos flowers. I found children playing the hide-and-seek game. But some seekers looked like forget to seek friends and lost themselves in watching white or pink flowers. Fleecy white clouds were high in the deep blue sky. It was really a nice refreshing day, indeed.