August 30th, the last Saturday of August. We had a clear day from the morning.
We drove to Kuju plateau after a long time.


We see beautiful autumnal fleecy clouds on
the back ground of deep blue sky. The breeze
of the plateau is refreshing. Many black cattle
are leisurely grazing in the pasture.

A newly opened cool spot Kuju local beer village.
Grand vista of the green plateau and far mountains.
A synthesized picture, though it looks like a little bit
unnatural, shows Mt.Katamuki and Mt.Sobo on the left
dividing Oita from Miyazaki prefecture. Five peaks of Mt.Aso
on the right. The volcanic plume is mixed into the clouds.

Right after the opening, at ten in the morning, we entered
the restaurant of the brewery. This is a smart way of drinking
beer. We could take good seats by the window, offering a
beautiful landscape. All the seats were filled with
visitors before I was ware of it.

At first, I look around the brewery. The raw materials of
beer making are displayed. Hops is unusual for me.

Quality check of the product.

The restaurant with plenty of wood offers a relaxing
atmosphere. It is also pleasant just seeing it.

What do you think this is? It is the back of a chair.

Now, I will try the beer......
starting from "Beautiful peaks of Kuju", meaning
"Beautiful land of abundance" named by governor Hiramatsu.
"Weitzen" type beer(right) uses a lot of wheat produced
in Beyern, Germany. Its appearance is a little cloudy
color with a unique flavor of hops.

Next I tried "Koelsch" (left) which is very familiar in Koeln.
It features refreshing aroma of hops and slightly bitter taste.
Each glass is 350ml, 500 yen.

"Alto" has a red thick color and mild taste.
"Black" is a kind of black beer having the good harmony of aroma,
freshness, and thickness. It is nicknamed as "Black king of Kuju."
I compared the four kinds of beer. My final favorite is "Koelsch."

Eisbein, is said to be a typical pork dish of Germany assorted with
"Saur kraut", (880 yen.) Tong steak of Bungo cattle(left, 980 yen.)
It was also delicious with the dressing of Kabosu citrus. But I remember
the gentle eyes of the cattle I saw on the way to the restaurant.

Looking the grand landscape of the plateau, I fully enjoyed beer and
dishes. Many families and young groups are enjoying as well. But look
at the youngsters. One of them takes a cup of milk, following
a slogan "Don't drive after you drink, don't drink if you drive."
We relaxed more than an hour on the grass field after lunch.
Yes, my husband took the steering of the car. I was happy to drink today.
In the thicket of the plateau were many kinds of autumnal flowers like
Japanese pampas grass, pink, and cosmos. Autumn is coming nearby.

Kuju local beer village: Location 878-02 Oita prefecture Kuju town
Phone 0974-76-2511 Fax0974-76-2513