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95/6/28 Version 6

私は(I HAD)4年前にワープロを購入して通信を始めました.
今はパソコン(PERSONAL COMPUTER)を購入して4ヶ月です.


I had purchased a word processor four years ago to join a local communication group.
Now I switched to a personal computer. Just four months have elapsed since then.
Although I posted my homepage,I am still struggling with the pc for better use.
I am a curious housewife who is looking for new experiences. Please help me.

(MY PASTIME)私の趣味は,テニス,パソコン通信.もちろん
今の季節(THIS SEASON)は本当に楽しい仕事です.

My pastimes are playing tennis and pc communication. Needless to say, as a housewife, I have a good time in cooking, baking home-made cookies, dressmaking,
and knitting. Gardening is also a really enjoyable work in this season.

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