November 19th 1997

We have had a "House Account Class" at the municipal Compel Hall of Oita city.
The Group of Friends, in which I am involved, opens the Class all throgh Japan in this season. This year, the Class will be opened in 1,100 sites. We are intending to build up a house account keeping campaign to live a healthy life. I have been keeping it for more than 30 years since I got married. By doing so, I can find many new ideas. I will speak about my experience to the participants.

I copied my house account on a big paper like this. I gave a lecture on how to live a life next ear or how to plan a house budget. This time, Mrs.M, a housewife in her forties with five families, gave a presentation on her next year's home budget. What is important in making a house budget is food expenses. We have to estimate the kind and amount of food. Eating excessive food is bad for health. There are many people who are suffering from shortage of food. We must be careful not to take food to be shared for those people. We must remember by eye the amount of food we take.

This is a display of the actual food amount in a day for a female of thirties who does light work. The calorie of this food is about 1,740. How do you feel by looking it? Are you usually taking more, or is it too much for you? Many people take much more meat and fish, but less vegetables. Do you eat breakfast, the first meal of the day, without fail? How about a breakfast like this?

On the left is a sample of the breakfast of bread and milk. On the right is a sample of rice and miso soup. There are many study groups in the Group of Friends. We are now studying about the garbage from the kitchen. The international conference on the global climate change will be held soon in Kyoto. We should think about what we can do at the kitchen.

The yellow brochure on the right is the summing up of our survey on the garbage. We have checked the weight and kind of kitchen trash twice a day. Most people have reduced the amount of garbage on the second check. We can reduce the weight of garbage by paying a slight attention to how to buy goods and how to use it. Empty milk cartons or white plastic trays on the left will be deposited at shopping stores for recycling. Here in Oita city, cans, glass bottles, and plastic P.E.T. plastic bottles will be sorted and gathered as "resource garbage" after January 26th next year.

The illustration reads "Recyclable and non-combustible garbage" to appeal how to sort them.

We had expected 80 participants but 95 people actually visited the class. They were very eager in listening and looking the demonstration. On next Saturday, we will open the class again. Please come and join us!