The first Internet Tea Party for Females in Fukuoka; reported by Mie

The party was held on March 29(Sun.) afternoon at Arc Hotel 
in Hakata in which such a nice couple are born. Commemorative 
shots in the shades of the garden tree. 
The party site was the restaurant facing the entrance 
hall of the first floor This time all the machine were 
of windows PC. Some of them are slim and smart.
Regular members of COARA took care of the setting. 
Thank you very much for
Many pieces of cake, many participants.
Hard study, what is needed to join the Internet?
What is home page? How can I use a retrieval software?
How to use E-mail?  and so on.
One Shot Homepage, a trial to make an instant home page, 
attracted many participants.
Mr. Tooru Ono, the Secretariat General of COARA, 
seldom speaks out in a female gathering, but today he 
made a nice welcome speech. On the right is Miss. Tomonari
who worked very hard to arrange the party. She is a staff 
of COARA's Tenjin branch.  

In the end, all the participants expressed their impression 
of the party. They all realized the pleasant nature of the 
Internet world, saying we have learned much and hoped to have 
such a party again. The total number of the participants was 
40, ranging from junior high school student to an elder of 70 
years old.