A memory of Michael Hauben, the inventor of NETIZEN

When we got the first news on the sudden death of Michael Hauben, we heard ourselves saying, `No, we never! We thought, and still think, it was a false report, as his innocent gentle smile is still alive in our hearts.

We keep our treasures in our bookshelf. The items on Michael Hauben is among them.

This is an album of October 1995 when we joined a Hyper Network Conference in Beppu City, Oita Japan. Here are many pictures of Michael.


The Conference was held November 24-25, 1995.
We first met Michael there after some exchange of E-mails.

The main theme of the Conference was NETIZEN Revolution and Regional Information Infrastructure.  Michael was invited this Conference as a main guest.
He was the youngest guest speaker among many prominent guests such as David Faber of Pennsylvania University EFF, Kyong-Hee Yu of Korean Info-Communications Association, Dr. Harry Saal Smart Valley, and Howard Rheingold.

Michael is the second from right in the front line wearing a dark suit. His presentation was:

The Netizens and Community Networks

We Coara members prepared such Netizen goods in order to boost up his presentation in the Conference.
The Netizen caps were presented to the speakers and stickers were distributed to the participants.

When we learned that Michael became a guest speaker, we soon E-mailed him saying, We are very happy to see you. We will wait you at the lobby of the Conference hall.

We found a young guy the same age as our son. This was Michael Hauben. We soon exchanged calling cards.
He brought a lovely cooking book for me all the way from the USA as a present.  I was really delighted. It reads To Mieko, Thank you very much for being the first person to welcome me to Japan. See you, Michael Hauben.
He had visited my home page in advance and leaned I loved cooking and making cookies. He selected the tiny book for me. I was deeply moved by his careful consideration.

Later, I actually made cookies illustrated in the book. It was very tasty.

Michael's presentation was very easy to understand for an ordinary housewife like me. I was really moved by his thought.

He was also interviewed by a local paper Nisshi-Nippon Press. My husband helped him in translation. The Press published a special issue on Michael's Nitizenship threedays later. My husband translated it and sent it to Michael.
During busy schedule, Michael showed us wonderful bright smiles, yes, he is really a nice guy.
Howard Rheingold, Mieko Nagano, and Michael Hauben.
After the Conference, Coara members joined a drinking party with Karaoke.
Michael looks like really relaxed after a great work.
He wore Yukata lobe with Hanten coat on it and enjoy Japanese Sake. Yes, this is a Japanese style entertainment.
As I was busy in taking pictures, Michael kindly sent me a picture he took through the hotel window.
A beautiful sunset of Beppu Bay.
After the Conference in Oita, another conference was held in Kobe as Internet Wave '95. Michael made a presentation again. Some of Coara members joined the meeting.

I also made a presentation on my homepage.
On the Christmas, we got a wonderful card from Michael. A picture taken in Beppu Conference was beautifully set in it. It reads:
Dear Mieko and Kenichi,
Thank you for the kind welcome to Japan and Oita that you gave me. It was quite special to meet other Netizens from across the globe. I hope to meet you both again in Oita and New York City.
Mata ai ma syou. Michael Hauben
Yes, we met him again in New York City together with his parents in 1998. We have had pleasant two days with them. Michael presented me a copy of his book (Japanese version) with a autograph on it.
Here is Michael's signature dated May 25, 1998. We visited his apartment in East Village. It seems me to be just a couple of days ago that I looked through his old room.
The Haubens invited me to an ethnic restaurant in Soho district for lunch.

We also had a chance to look through Columbia University from which Michael graduated. His parents enthusiastically told us on the future development of Internet and Netizenship.

We understand their deep sorrows completely, as we also had lost our nine-month-old-son more than 30 years ago.


Jay and Ronda, please accept our sincerest condolences.
 August 6, 2001.       Mieko and Kenichi Nagano; Oita Japan

Michael Hauben's Album