I visited Oita Castle Park with haiku friends of mine under the cloudy sky of the cherry blossom. by Mie
Oita Castle Park
The flower is just a step over from the full bloom and is about to become leafy. Cherry petals are fluttering in the gentle spring breeze like snowflakes.
They are floating on the surface of the castle moat. On haiku, they are elegantly called "Hanaikada", or petal raft. The castle turret and the modern building of Oita prefectural office make a good contrast.
Some cherry trees stretch their branch just above the water. The beautiful scenery takes my heart out of composing a piece of haiku phrase.

Petal snowflakes are fluttering on the hair and shoulders of the lady looking up them.
On my way home, we came up to an one-day-late "Hanamatsuri", or Flower Festival in Buddhism style. I also poured sweet tea on the statue of Buddha who was born on 8th April. The sweet tea had a mysterious taste. I haven't seen the festival for a long time.