I have been reporting "On-line Report of Rice Growing" until today. Now, after the harvest, I want to eat it. Here is the final report of "How to cook rice."

One day in November, one of my close friends brought me a bag of the first crop of the year. The bag weighs 30 kilograms. Recently, many consumers prefer to buy rice directly from the producer.

I opened the bag to check the color of unpolished rice.

I took some of it to a coin-operated rice-polishing station nearby. We can find many of them here and there.

I put the bag on the hopper.

Inside of the station. The hopper is on the leftmost of the machine. On the right of it, many switches are on the black control panel. I select the 80% polishing grade button and put a 100 yen coin. The machine starts and polished rice comes out of it and flows into the receiver on the right.

Here are two kinds of rice:

unpolished rice(left) and 80% polished rice(right.)

I cooked the 80% polished rice for serve. The dishes of the dinner: Grilled horse mackerel with salt, simple roasted Shiitake mushroom assorted with Kabosu citrus (both of them are the specialties of Oita), sweet potato boiled in sugar, boiled Chinese cabbage seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar horse radish and persimmon, and of course miso soup of tofu and seaweed. The dinner was so delicious that I took it too much. Autumn is a season of appetite.

The rice paddies are sleeping calmly.

Thank you very much for your patient reading of this site so long time.

The end.

1997.11.20 Mie

On-line report of rice growing