"Tomo-no-kai", or "The Group of Friends" was founded in 1930 by the subscribers of the "Fujin-no-tomo" ,or "Women's Association" magazine which was first published in 1908 by Mrs. Motoko Hani and her husband Yoshikazu dedicated to home life improvement and the needs of new families. Today the magazine is still supported by many subscribers.
The "Tomo-no-kai" plays an important role in teaching and encouraging the creation of good homes and a good society through women's home improvement activities covering subjects such as food, clothing, shelter, child rearing, and family financial management while following the principle of freedom, love, and cooperation. The "Tomo-no-kai" has branches in all parts of Japan and in overseas cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Sydney. There are 193 branches altogether, with members numbering approximately 25,300.

updated July 22, 2000

Group of Friends Oita Branch

July 21, 2000: Life Exhibition (part 2)

July 20, 2000: A tapestry decorated
July 20, 2000: Life Exhibition opened today
July 19, 2000: Setting up the Exhibition
July 14, 2000: A rehearsal

July 4, 2000: July regular meeting and preparation (No.9)
June 30, 2000: Life Exhibition preparation (No.8)
June 27, 2000: Life Exhibition preparation (No.7)
June 22, 2000: Cookie making class
June 21, 2000: Making tapestry (No.4)
June 20, 2000: Life Exhibition preparation (No.5)
June 16, 2000: Preparing for the Life Exhibition (No.4)
June 6:Life Exhibition preparation (No.2)
June 5-6: Making tapestry (No.3)
May 26: The first preparation meeting for Life Exhibition
May 22: The 70th anniversary of Group of Friends

May 17 2000 : Making a tapestry (part2)
March 23,2000 : Making a tapestry


Notice of Christmas Bazaar 1999


        Date : December 9, 1999  11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.
             Place: 7th floor of Oita Rainbow Building
             (To be closed at sold-out)

             The members of Oita Branch have prepared a lot of  
             handcraft fancies Christmas goods. 

             Included are:

             Sweet cookies, smock aprons for practical use, chest aprons,
             luncheon mats, children toys, Christmas decorations, and more.

             You can also take a rest at the tea corner. A part of the profit 
             will be donated to the year-end charity drive.  


The Record of House Account Study Class in 1999

What items should we make importance in our daily life? Healthy family budget is one of them. In our Group of Friends, we are working hard to improve our family budgets. "Time check" was made for a week all over the country this year as well. This will result in a better understanding of how to spend times with children and how to protect the environment in home.

The Class was over in success. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

November 18: Study Class in Ozai district
November 17:Study Class in downtown
November 13: House Account Study at Oita Branch House
November 12: Preparation for House Account Study Class

The activity record in 1999 by Oita Group of friends

November 1: Guests from Bangladesh
September 27-29: Visit to Kagoshima city
August 11: "Yaseuma", Oita's special food
July 1st: Home keeping class in Fukuoka
June 25: Cookie baking class
June 21: Time Keeping Study
March 10: Yunohira spa
March 3 (Girls' Festival): Spring-scarves dyeing
February 23: Used clothes recycled
September 16: Kujyu plateau.

House Account Study@by Group of Friends Tatsuno Branch

Previous activities:

September 21, 1999: Educatinal lecture "The wishes of children and parents"
June 25, 1999: Cookie making class
June 16, 1999: Dyeing scarves
December 4, 1998: Christmas sale
November 17, 1998: House Account Study@by Group of Friends Tatsuno Branch

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