Mothers have prepared in advance many Christmas trees
and wreaths made of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.
Any child who came to the House in twos and threes soon
help decorate them. Mothers and hand-made Santa dolls
are watching it.

Mothers helped each other to set cellophane paper
"stained glasses" on the windows of the House.
Those "stained glasses" made of colorful paper tell
the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ. They look
like real stained glasses, don't they?

Take a look at in order.

After the holly talk, all people enjoyed baking cakes.
In the back space of the kitchen, mothers are making
the base of cake. Children finish them up with fresh
cream and fruits. In the front is a sample cake made by mothers.

A commemorative picture after the completion. Even such
a small baby tried to make the cake. We presented some
of cakes to the neighborhood and we also ate it.

After cleaning up the House, we exchanged hand crafted
Christmas cards and then donated. The pleasant Christmas
party was over successfully. Of course, I tried to taste
a tip of the cake. It was really delicious. And again,
I bake another cake in my home.