Welcome to the Cooking Archives

Cooking is one of my favorites. At the small kitchen facing east, I often enjoy cooking on the classical back ground music. A coffee server releases rich aroma. It is a beautiful clear morning.

Some of my Internet friends suggested me rare foreign recipes. I would like to try them, but it is not always easy to get the right ingredients. In this case, I ask the friends by e-mail what substitute can be used for.

Walnut roll cake

A Key Lime Pie a la Oita(S.Miyazaki,Michigan)

Lothringen Torte

Papaya and Kiwi Sherbet

Cheese cake(Mickael Hauben,New York)


Banana & Saltana Muffins(S.Penny,Australia)

Tarte Tatin(S.Miyazaki,Michigan)


Chiffon Cake

Pound Cake