Mr. Hiroki Abe(groom) and Miss Chie Nakaya(bride)
have got maried today. A "Second party" was held at All Days
restaurant exclusively prepared for the party. Many friends
of the groom joined from TV station. A lot of friends from COARA
also took part in the party.
All the members cerebrated the
new couple.

by Mie
Hiroki &
 Chie The new couple made the second time cake cut. The cake was specially prepared by their close friends. Around them were reporters and camera men of COARA using digital cameras.
A lot of happy faces watch the new couple with the greatest joy. On the right is Mr. Miyase who plays a role of video reporter. On the left is Mr. Fujio. In front is Mr. Tomoda, the boss of the groom.
In the center is Mr. Tooru Ono, general secretariat of COARA with, wearing a baseball cap.
sister member
A sister member of COARA. On the left is Mr. Kai and on the right is Mrs. Eiko Hetsugi. Mr. Matsumura is frisking in-between.
classmates The closest friends of COARA Mr. Matsumura on the left and Mr. Miyasee on the right. They used to be classmate in high school.