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December 30, 2000: COARA party
COARA became a stock company in June opened a forget a "millennium" party at Daiichi Hotel downtown Oita today.

President Tooru Ono makes a few words in the opening. Today's emcees are Miss Ono in pink rabbit costume and Miss Itakura with a pair of angel wings.
Miss Takagi, a lovely penguin, take care of "One shot mail gadget" and enjoys it as well.
Many young families joined tonight.
Mr. Mori, general secretariat of Next COARA,
interviews some of them who recently
started the Internet.
Mr.Shimura and Mie.
Ten big news announcement, chatting, and eating. A pleasant party goes on.

In the end a raffle was held. I got a glass mouse pad. Thank you!
The "Forget the millennium party" was over in success.

Now, an "adult" hour begins. We moved in mass to a bar hosted by such a beauty.
Adult hour passes quietly.
Mr. Tsuru, a member of COARA, plays a piano.

Well, let's welcome a new millennium and make much more friends through the Internet.
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