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December 27, 2000: A late Christmas concert
A wonderful concert was held in Upper Gallery of Kamenoi Besso Hotel in Yufuin starting at 8:00 p.m.
The Upper Gallery is usually used as a tearoom, but it is turned to a wonderful concert space tonight. Music lovers in Yufuin town are waiting for the opening.
Tonight's artists are Hiroko Itoh of accordion, Naoko Kirihara of flute, Silvia Deoni of guitar, and, what is surprisingly, the couple of Toshiko Arai of violin and Kinnema of cello took part in the concert without submitting their entry beforehand. The couple runs Kumof Music Festival.
The wonderful concert ended before we knew, but many people are still lingering by taking freshly brewed coffee or hot cocktail.
We were greatly moved by the wonderful play of flute by Naoko Kirihara (center) flanked by Hino on the left and Asou on the right. Ms. Kirihara works together with us as a staff member in Yufuin Music Festival each year.
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The "Late Christmas concert" tonight started with a few words by young Mr. Taro Nakaya of Kamenoi Besso Hotel. "The Upper Gallery was built in 1974. My uncle and aunt, who are there tonight, have been the core people who fostered the Gallery until today. After a couple of years of the start, the first concert was held and the first artist was Ms. Naoko Kirihara here. It is very thankful to her that she joins tonight's concert held on the closing days of the millennium. I hope all of you will enjoy the concert."

All the performances were smart and excellent. The soprano tangos accompanied by flute and guitar were new for me.
The special guests Mr. and Mrs. Arai have been staying here for rest. "As we wanted to meet Yufuin's music lovers, we joined this concert. We will play this music probably for the first time in the world. We found by an old score this spring by chance and soon rehearsed it. The music was a work for cello and violin by Paganini. In response with the anchor, they played a short lovely music "Rain drop" composed by Griek at his age of nine.

The accordion musics were very pleasant with full of French esprit.

After the concert, we were invited to join a dinner party at Mr. Nakaya's wonderful saloon together with the artists. I have had a pleasant time tonight. Thank you very much.