No.4by Mie

December 4, 2000: Christmas wreath making
In this season of the year, our Wasada Group of Oita Branch makes Christmas wreath for Friendship Sales.

We got together at Ms. Takeuchi's home for making the wreath from wild vines taken from her backyard bush and from lemon grass cropped in my garden.
As the weather is too fine to work inside of the house, we get out and make wreath in the garden. Thick vines are bent into circle, thin vines are wound around the circle.

The leaves of the lemon grass are partially dyed and braided in three strands.
Two people make one group to braid three-strand wreaths. Sweet aroma of the grass fills the garden.
In the afternoon, we put various attachments on the wreath such as green holly leaves, red peppers, red winter cherry, and pinecones using bond. Finally the wreaths are decorated with beautiful ribbons.
Here we made it.

The design of the wreath is such like that it can be easily attached on the wall.
Lemon grass wall ornaments are also prepared like this. I soon hung one of them on my room wall.
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