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Author: Shigemi Takei

The Gregorian Chants in old Japan

introduced by St. Francisco Xavier

Its Rise and Fall

Assistant professor SHIGEMI TAKEI, the one who led us in "An Exploration of Early European Music in Old Japan: Yufuin," has recently published an easy to understand book after long, and intensive research at Ongaku-No-Tomo-Sha.

In the days of Xavier, the first European Requiem
echoed in Yufuin basin

  In "An Exploration", a three-volume series, Takei's 
  respected teacher Tatsuo Minagawa was invited to 

  He talked about the early encounters of the Japanese people 
  with western music and deeply fascinated all his audiences 
  with his unique art of conversation full of originality.

  All the staffs of Yufuin Music Festival celebrate from 
  the hearts this publication containing the 
  results of all her intensive studies.
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