I have been to Tokyo during February 14-21 together with my husband. I visited many places, met many people, and enjoyed a lot of events.
by Mie

Points-of-interest in Tokyo

Tokyo tower
I went up to Tokyo tower in Shiba park together with my husband and my parents. The tower was opened in 1958. It soars high in the sky at 333 meters, higher than Eiffel tower in Paris(320 m.) There is a observatory at the height of 150m, and another deck at the height of 250m. On clear days, Mt. Fuji is visible from there, but we couldn't spot it on the day because of the misty weather.
Tokyo Metropolitan Office
I climbed up to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office tower(height 243m) which was built in December, 1990. From the observatory(202m), I could see the skyscrapers of Shinjuku metropolitan sub center very close at hand. Shinjuku was first flourished in Edo era as one of the four posting stages as Shinagawa, Itabashi, Senju, and Shinjuku. In 1898, Yodobashi purification plant was built to supply fresh water to the city. In 1960, metropolitan officials released a plan to construct a new sub center. In 1965, the plant was moved to Higashi-Murayama city to offer a construction site of the new sub center. The old plant site was redeveloped, new skyscrapers such as Keio Plaza hotel(170m; in 1971) and others were built next by next.
Meiji Gakuin
Meiji Gakuin school complex where my husband spent his young days in junior high school and high school days. He said the Chapel reminded him of those days.
The chapel
A pipe organ and beautiful stained glass in the windows. The floor was well polished parquetry with the floor heating system. The chapel is really wonderful.
Tokyo Institute of Technology, my husband's alma mater.
TIT is located in Ohkayama town in southern Tokyo. In front of Ohkayama tram station is the main gate of the college. Many old cherry trees with widely extended boughs. They will provide a beautiful flower viewing place in the season.
Big site
A new transportation system called "Yurikamome", or "Drifting sea gull" the symbol bird of Tokyo, connects downtown Tokyo to the new seaside metropolitan sub center. There are many strange buildings suggesting a "future city."
NHK center. I played as a temporary game of broadcasting. The manuscript is displayed on the half-mirror screen in front of the announcer. What I do is to keep natural eye contact with a TV camera and read the manuscript. I have learned that TV news programs I saw everyday were prepared like this way.
Yebisu beer
Yebisu beer hall. We love this brand very much.
Toast! My husband is very pleased to drink the beer at Yebisu Garden Place.