My Casual Life, October 1998

hNew COARAh

Mieko Nagano : Oita city, Japan

I make it a rule to publish monthly report on my casual life in this page. I made a travel to the US for two months after May 15. After I returned home, I have been very busy in publishing my travel experience under the title of "Cyber Book: USA Travel Record." Now, I have prepared this page for the first time in four months. I share major parts of my casual time to prepare home pages like this or to help New COARA Office activities on volunteer basis. During the travel, I regularly reported many topics to COARA's Hyper Conference Room exclusively prepared for recording my travel experiences and chatting with the readers through the Internet. I also revised my home page almost daily during the travel around the US.

Whenever I visit new places or have new experiences, I always publish them to my home page that frequently appears on the cover page of New COARA. I am given a digital camera from COARA Office to cover unusual events and have been reporting them on Internet Live Program.

New COARA's studio

Starting from October 8, every Thursday 8p.m. -9p.m, a new trial will be on air simultaneously from OBS (a local radio station9, OCT (a local cable TV), and New COARA's Internet Live Program. The program will be created in a small studio in New COARA Office. I am expecting that I can cover and explain many fresh topics and events about the Internet based upon homemakers' sense and natural beauty of Oita. I am also involved actively, together with my husband, in many COARA events and help them with whatever we can do.

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