January, 1998 : My daily life

Mieko Nagano Oita city, Japan

I am an ordinary homemaker living in Oita city.
I will introduce my casual life throughout this year.

Where is Oita?

Where is Oita? Because of my husband's transfer to Oita, I came here for the first time in my life 28 years ago. I had known the whereabouts of Oita but not exact location of it. Until then, we had lived in Nagoya. I felt as if I went to a remote place crossing Kanmon strait. It was Jun, 1970 when I first stepped my feet down on the soil of Oita. The early summer sun was beating down on me. For me, a row of phoenix trees looked like palm trees and they realized me I have come to deep south. After several years in Oita, we were again transferred and left Oita. But we finally came back to Oita ten years ago. Oita is a very good place to live. I love the town very much now.

The population of Oita prefecture is about 1,200,000 and that of Oita city is about 420,000. We live in the corner of a housing complex(about 3,000 houses) located in the western suburbs of the city. Fortunately, as we have a lot of nature around my house, many small creatures and birds visit my garden. Oita was called Bungo in old days. This old name was also given to one of the two mountains visible from my backyard. On a clear day, they are shining white at the tops under the deep blue sky. On such an Indian summer day, I love to spend time in my garden full of gentle sunshine.

Mt.Yufu & Mt. Tsurumi

On the left is Mt.Yufu, or Bungo Fuji and on the right is Mt.Tsurumi. The top of Mt.Yufu has twin peaks. The west peak stands 1,584 meters and the east peak is 1,582 meters. The mountain is lifting its head into the sky above Yufuin town, stimulating the fight of backpackers. The view from the top is great, even Shikoku island can be seen far away. On the right is Mt.Tsurumi, 1,374 meters. It takes about 30 minuets drive from Beppu city to the foot. As there is a rope way service, people can easily go up to the top to enjoy the beautiful scenery of trees covered with silver frost.

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