August 1: Finale program
 by Mie
Now, it is the finale of the 25th YMF today in the twinkling of an eye. In the preparation days of the festival, I felt time passed so slowly. As all the assistants to the artists are busy this morning, I went to the hall before 9 a.m. The piano has been tuned up from 7 a.m., and the pianist has already rehearsed.
Soon, Mr. Kume started to set up a video that takes all the program of the Festival.
At 11 a.m, all the staffs showed up at the hall. They quickly began to work on their assignments. Mrs. Kubota soon found her friend who teaches flower arrangement, and creates a "summer" in a big vase.
In response to a call, some staff quickly cleaned up the rest room. Mops also cleaned up the floor of the hall.
Three of us take a close contact to stay at least one of us in the hall. We have many things to do, attending the guests, working out trivial arrangements, managing and adjusting each group, watching cash, and many other unpredicted jobs. From left, Ms. Misako Fuchino, Mie, and Mr. Sato in charge of accounting.

One of the pleasures in the finale program is a small tea party in the intermission. Many local restaurants cooperate in preparing dishes of cake, bread, and other wonderful foods. They are neatly decorated on large dishes for the tea break.

                                         All the foods and drinks turn free in the tea party. Sweet sour juice made from perilla leaves is a special homemade gift from Ms. Wakako Mizoguchi, one of the staff. Honeyed plum juice from Kamenoi Besso hotel will be served in cool as well. The staff is busy in preparing for the party, from left Ms. Maki Sato, Ms. Yuko Hino, on the right Mr. Keita Fuchino and Ms. Naoe Nogami.      

After Dvorak's string quintet, guests came out to the lobby. They are chatting pleasantly over tasty cookies, coffee, and juice (left.) Mr. Kunpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF, and Ms. Izumi Kuwano, Mr. Mizoguchi's daughter, look like happy as well (right.)
Ms. Michiko Shimizu of Yunohira spa (left), and Ms. Miyuki Tanaka in Yufuin (right), both of them usually work as staff, join the party as guests this time.

Ms. Shide (right), president of Musouen hotel, wears Kimono beautifully. Ms. Shigemi Takei (left, on right picture) chatts pleasantly with Mr. Mizoguchi.
During the tea party, Mr. Nakamura, the tuner, carefully checks the harpsichord on the stage.

The final program of the 25th YMF is Four Seasons by Vivaldi. I could listen Spring by Junko Ohmori and Winter by Mie Kobayashi. Although I couldn't listen through the whole program, I was happy to have a chance to enjoy the last program.

All the artists showed up in the storm of enthusiastic applause.

The Festival was over in heat. All the staff sees the guests off from their work position, "Thank you very much, see you again next year,"

The artists go to the greenroom through the applause of the guests and the staff, Mr. Fumiaki Kouno, the music director (left), and Mr. Iwahisa Kuroki with a big contrabass.
Beautiful young artists in white dress, Miss Mie Kobayashi (left) and Miss Junko Ohmori (right.) See you again without fail next year in Yufuin.

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