August 1: Farewell Party
by Mie

Around the end of the performance, it started to rain heavily. We will have a usual farewell party at Yunotoke-an restaurant this evening. The party is usually held outdoors, but today it will be opened indoors. The restaurant was recently refurbished into a very comfortable space to relax. Many prominent people of Yufuin make a few words: from left, Ms. Shide, the representative of cultural development department of the town, Ms. Kirihara, an MC tonight and an excellent flutist as well, and Mr. Kakuya Yoshimura, the mayor.
My husband works as the exclusive driver for Mr. Michio Kobayashi, a leading harpsichord player in Japan. It was my great pleasure to listen to him whenever I could squeeze out a few minutes during my busy work.
In the farewell party, artists, guests, and staff can enjoy a pleasant time together. The members of Excelsio visited Yufuin for the first time, they look like enjoying a relaxed time. Miss Junko Ohmori, a young promissing violinist, remarked her impression of the Festival, saying, "Playing in Yufuin heightens myself." I was depply moved to hear it.
From left, Miss Kanako Endo, Miss Junko Ohmori, Miss Yuka Nishino, Miss Yukiko Yoshida, and Ms. Misako Kouno.
The 25th YMF was over in success. Mr. Masakuni Kato (left) looks like to be satisfied, he has already been preparing for the next time YMF. On the right is Mr. Matsumoto, one of the staff. Despite I wanted to take much more pictures of the staff, who have worked hard until today, my digital camera suddenly went out of order. It is a real disappointment.
Well, thank you all for the wonderful YMF. See you again in Yufuin!

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