July 30: The YMF started   by Mie
We stay in Kanakana-tei guesthouse during the Festival. A young student of Miyazaki University will stay here with us. He learns flute to Ms. Kirihara and undergoes the class of Ms. Shigemi Takei. He will work as a video reporter. Ms. Yoshimoto, our guest from Yamaguchi, partly works as the staff as well in carrying materials for the Festival. We take a simple breakfast in a refreshing breeze blowing through the thick forest.
The first program will be held in the lobby of Kowa Park hotel as usual. I arrived around 11 a.m. and found the rehearsal of Medieval Music Research Association has already started. Click the picture for enlargement.
Today's guest is Ms. Nozomi Fukuda who plays the positive organ. She is in rehearsal now. Mr. Sudo stands nearby to operate the bellows to send the air into the square wooden pipes of the instrument to make the sound. Exact matching of blowing air and playing music is required to make a good sound. Unusual soft sounds come out of the pipes for the first time in 450 years.

Thanks to the cooperation with the hotel, the main entrance door was closed to shut out outside humidity. After the performance, many audiences look into the rare instrument. The conductor Ms. Shigemi Takei is happy to be presented a bunch of flower from her fan.

In the evening, "Harpsichord recital" by Michio Kobayashi was held at Tokyu Golf Club house.
Many pipe chairs were brought in to the house by 5 p.m.
The stage is set in the common room on the second floor. Wooden stages were first set and the harpsichord was carefully put on it. Mr. Nonoshita properly directs the chair arrangement. Mr. Nakamura is busy in the final tuning. Quick arrangement of the chair and other tools is a product of synchronized work of the staff. It is really great to have wonderful volunteers who support the Festival behind the stage.
My husband is in charge of the exclusive driver for Mr. Michio Kobayashi. As I have a little time to hear the performance, I quietly listened to his rehearsal in the hall.
Today's guest is Mr. Kenta Matsumi, a viola player. A beautiful sound of Sonata No.3 G-minor by J. S. Bach flows on the background of the hill in the evening twilight. When I was fascinated by the music, a staff suddenly asked I the angle of spotlight to illuminate the score. I was soon pulled back to the reality.
In the main lobby of the first floor, all the preparation is ready to welcome the guests. Many Yufuin residents joined us after their business time.
Before the opening at 7:30 p.m., I found some of the guests in the long queue who applied the ticket through E-mail to me. All the staff also enjoyed the performance alternately. I was so happy that I could listen to a Sonata for viola and harpsichord.
The program was over before I knew. All the guests looked like satisfied with the performance. After the play, volunteers again clean up the site by putting back tables and chairs in the original position. After saying thank you for the cooperation of the clubhouse, we went down the hill. Some staff still has a big work, though: they have to return so many pipe chairs to the municipal elementary school. They made the last efforts to put the chair down from the truck.
After the performance of the day, I visited a small party held at Setsuango cottage in which Mr. Kobayashi stays. Then I checked today's sales volume together with Mr. Sato in a small room of another building Shouya. My husband waited me by talking with Mr. Nakaya about his vast collection of SP records.

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