July 29: The Eve starts
by Mie
A morning in Yufuin is much cooler than in Oita City. The top of Mt. Yufu is in the cloud this morning. I hope it will not rain today.
The Festival will be held here, Yufuin central community hall. The artists have already rehearsed. Assistants for the artists, from left, Ms. Aso, Ms Kitamura, and Ms.Kotgoi. They are busy in time keeping of the artists. A sound of rehearsal is flowing from the hall.

I quietly sneaked into the hall. The music director Fumiaki Kouno (cello) plays La Cygne by Saint-Saens on piano played by his wife Misako (left.) Five artists rehearse Walt for string quintet by Dvorak (right), from left Ms. Mie Kobayashi, Ms. Junko Ohmori, Mr. Kenta Matsunomi, Mr. Fumiaki Kouno, and Mr. Iwahisa Kuroki.
After a rehearsal, Mr. Kuroki came out of the hall with a big contrabass for replacing the string for next rehearsal. The musical instrument was made 200 years ago, he said.
An unusual "Positive organ" was brought in the hall. Ms. Shigemi Takei owns this treasure which was very carefully carried in under close watch of Mr. Sudo who made it. The organ is the restoration copy of old the original brought to Japan about 450 years ago by missionaries including Francisco Xavier. From left Ms. Nozomi Fukuda, the organ player, Mr. Sudo, and Ms. Takei.

Almost all volunteer staff has showed up and preparations are in progress smoothly. On the left is the reception table. Posters are attached on the wall. On the right is a sales stand of YMF T-shirt, which is very popular to the regular guests. We staff also wear the T-shirts in working.
Well, the preparation of the hall has almost over. We staff will take lunch box in a cooking classroom. Many volunteers from outside of Yufuin can exchange through the pleasant chatting like this.
At last guests came in. The receptionists suddenly become busy to welcome then and checking the reservation tickets. The eve is free, so as small children can enjoy with the parents.
Ms. Mie Kobayashi (violinist) takes coffee break at the coffee corner Fermata after the performance. Local paper reporter is busy in interviewing her.

The Eve was over successfully. An opening party will be held from now. Many tasty dishes are on the table, such as fresh vegetables, combination of local eggplant packed with foie gras. Young cookers try to create their original dishes.

Toast! In commemoration of the 25th YMF opening. The artists are relaxing wearing T-shirts.
Two Yufuin giants, Mr. Kentaro Nakaya (right), president of Yufuin Sightseeing Committee, and Mr. Kunpei Mizoguchi (left), the representative of YMF flank Mr. Michio Kobayashi, the top player of harpsichord in Japan.
A cake-cut ceremony in commemoration with the 25th anniversary of YMF. All attendants unanimously sang "Happy birthday for the 25th YMF." Mr. Mizoguchi cuts the cake with the help of Mr. Masakuni Kato, general secretariat of YMF. Mr. Nakaya cheers.
After the pleasant opening party, we moved to hotel Tanaka in which most musicians stay during the Festival. We enjoyed another lovely time there. I check the sales volume of the day in a small room together with Mr. Sato who is in charge of money control.

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