December 30: A count down party:    by Mie
We three visitedthe countdown party sponsored by COARA, held in the first floor of Odakyu Century Hotel in downtown Oita. 
So many participants filled the site, 65 members in total. Mr. Riborino joined from, surprizingly, from Indonesia. He is now learning Internet in COARA office. The toast was by him tonight. The party started, my husband is talking with Mr. Yuuki.
Mr. Mori as a emcee tonight (left) and mr. Inoue.
A lottery started, millennium goods will be tonight's prizes. Ms. Fujii and Miss Korenaga, dressed up in classical costumes, are in charge of lottery.

Many big prizes: Mr. Higuma from Nakatsu city got the top prize - a scanner - is very delighted together with his friend Nitanda. My. Ishii, the sponsor of the prize, makes V-sign. Mr. Inao enjoys his prize, a Joker cap.

My husband got a wonderful prize, a Digital Photo Station of Cannon. I got a mouse of Logicool said to be very useful. We were enveyed from others.
Lovely Lillian also got a "2000 Wine bag." She looks very happy. She also got a special present of a special candy pack from Miss Tomonari of COARA office.
Miss Korenaga showed up in her wonderful dress. I remember a nice year-end party we joined last year together in beautiful dresses.
Lillian from Hong Kong is a popular gal tonight. She talked with so many people and exchanged addresse with them. Miss Kusamoto enjoys chatting with Lillian on Hong Kong movies.
Mr. Sato and Lillian are in the same year. They will become "Toshi-otoko" and "Toshi-onnna" next year - a man and a woman who were born in a year with the same sign of the Chinese zodiac as the current year.
I also enjoyed chatting with many people. Momoi is a member of a mailing list "Children care." On the right is Mr. Yonekura, a member of Help mate club.
From 8:00 p.m, "HOT! Cafe COARA" started with simultaneous air from radio and the Internet. Tonigh the program is aired on live from the party hall.The emcees are, from right, Mr. Ono - General Secretariat of COARA-, Mrs. Yamasaki, and Miss Tomonari of COARA office.
Mr. Fujino talk back this year as "COARA TOP10." He is only user of ADSL in this moment in Japan.

  Mr. Yamaguchi (left) and Mrs. Yamasaki (right.)

In the end, Lillian i showed up. "What is the most important thing for you this year?" I answered "I visited Korea twice on the Internet theme." Lillian said "I am now staying in Oita.
The year-end party was over, a really happy time.
A light-up street in downtown Oita. We also had a good time tonight.

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