December 30: Preparation for the New Year:@@@by Mie
Today is December 30. We set up ornaments for the New Year. Miss Lillian helps me in decorating a special rice cake.
Flower arrangements using chrysanthemum and nandin.
A pleasnt picture after work.
A holly ornament on the entrance.
Lillian made wonderful paper-folding arts such as crown and tortois, symbols of happiness.
Small stars are so lovely no larger than one centimeter.
Black beans are simmering in the pod on the stove. Sweet potato for making "Kinton" is also boiling on the gas stove. My husband prpared special white radish dish he has learned in the Cooking School for Men.
Lillian tries to ride on a bicycle. She said there are many slopes in Hong Kong that detar people from riding bicycles. In a busy year-end, we enjoy a pleasant moment thanks to Lillian.

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