December 27: Hong Kong style Gyoza: by Mie
As we couldn't stay in house on a day like such a beautiful day, we walked out around my community. Lillian sent out New Year cards to her friends from a post officein the community. We passed through our Fujimigaoka community and came up to Oita University of Nursing and Health Science.
Lillian enjoys a wonderful widespread landscape from Wind Square in the campus with a binocular.
We walked back home through a trail on the edge of the community. It was very refreshing to trace a trail by rustleing the fallen leaves

We then drove out for buying foods for coming New Year. We got a lot of greens at "everything-100-yen-stands" at Kaku street, such as Japanese white radish, turnip, spinack, leek, taro, and other vegetables to be used in New Year dish cooking.
Lillian prepared for us with Hong Kong style noodle called Hajiming. We enjoyed the delicacy of the noodle in the sunny terrace.
In the evening, we had guests, Mr. David - a student from Spain staying in the Miyases' home. He visited Oita as a member of this time program like Miss Lillian. He said he saw my homepage yesterday and wanted to meet us. We enjoyed talking over a map of Spain.

On dinner, Lillian prepared us her original "Hong Kong style boiled Gyoza for dinner." The ingredients are chopped boiled Chingensai - a Chinese green - mixed with ground pork. She prepared two kinds of Gyoza, one without leek and one with leek. The meat was well mixed with sesame oil, sugar, salt, pepper, and a small amount of water.

She wrapps skillfully the meat with skin. Her skill was so delocate that I leaned from her how to wrap the meat. She also prepared two kinds of sauce, one was made from soy sauce and Chinese chili oil, and the other was a mixture of vinegar, sugar, chopped garlic, and Chinese chili oil.

Well, let's enjoy her special recipe! Gyoza is put into a lot of boiling soup in an earthen pod and served with spicy sauce prefered. The recipe made me very hot from the core of my body. Thank you very much Lillian!

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