November 24: Wonderful events in Yufuin  ; by Mie

We had a mild autumn weather today. In the evening, we drove up to Yufuin already in early winter to enjoy many things. Mt. Yufu sits still in the bright sunset, covered with cloud on the top.


We first came up to a tea room PokoRoko on the second floor of a small building next to the Torii gate at a five-way-crossing on the main street of Yufuin. Lovely glass bins hold small hearbs at the window (left), and a pottery vase on the red table matches very well with the white plaster wall (right.) On the wall are monocrome post cards by Ms. Yuka Ohtani, who opened the exhibit "Enumuration from 1" this time here.
Ms. Ohtani runs another tearoom Arden in Yufuin, we often resort to there whenever we have an off-line meeting of a mailing list Yufuin. As the exhibition was in a hot topic in the mailing list, we looked through all works on the wall in the wonderful aroma of coffee.

Monocrome post cards sometimes tell us more "psychological colorful" images misteriously looming up out of their black-and-white objects.


Next visit was our favorite tearoom Kotokotoya to view another exhibit "White ceramic art." What was unexpected, the tearoom was closed today temporarily. Mr. Kanji and Mrs. Misako, the runners of the tearoom, opened the door and welcomed us in smile however. He cut out a branch of an autumnal plant Sankirai (Smilax china L) yesterday from nearby bush and displayed in a flower container (left.) The wonderful heart-softning works are by Mr. Mitou Sakamoto who runs his oven in Hiji town.
Mrs. Misako asked me to stay in the room, as she had to walk her dog Juju around. A thicket in front of the tearoom eases my heart with its beautiful autumnal color on the background of the hills.
A family picture with their lovely dog Juju, who feels too joyful to stay calm. Mrs. Misako seldom takes her dog out in daytime except holidays, because she is so busy everyday.
We stayed in the tearoom by enjoying the aroma of the original coffee. Mrs. Misako brought the wonderful cups back when she visited France this summer.
Today's main event is to enjoy a classical concert by Trio Tenrai group. We asked Mrs. Misako to park my car at her tearoom and visited the site on foot. Makie art museum, newly built in this June, offers tonight's concert hall.

The members of Kamenoi Besso Hotel, the sponsor of the night, welcomed us at the reception table. Mr Masakuni Kato, general secretariat of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF), takes care of the artists. Around 130 guests and many YMF staff filled the hall.
Tonight's artists are from Trio Tenrai. The word "Tenrai" means all the sounds from nature such as land, wind, tree, and heaven that whisper wonderful poems to our ears. The trio members are pianist Albert Lotto born in New York, violinist Yang Sung Sic (left), and cellist Yang Sung Won, the brothers from Korea. They frankly provided me of a photo opportunity.
The large hall is usualy used as a bar "Meibunn." On the window is a big solid wooden table counter. Big leather sofas are arranged for the concert guests as well.
Today's program was: Chopin Nocturne No.13, Chopin Poronase No.5 F sharp minor, Chpoin Nocturne C sharp minor, San Searns Rondo Capriccioso, Chopin Cello Sonata G minor, and Mendelssohn Piano Trio No.1 D minor.

All of them were wonderful performance. Yang brothers made a perfectly pair. I enjoyed a briliant and wonderful concert tonight after a long time. I have had a nice day today in Yufuin.

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