November 18: Household Account Study Class in a clinic:@by Mie
Today's class is to be held in Kumagai obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Ozai district. The housewife of the clinic is a member of our Oita Branch. The clinic features its lovely symbol mark of Teddy bear like this.
Since we could prepare most of the items in last evening, we had a nice morning meeting today. Today is the last day of the study class. We confirmed to finish up the class in success.

Mrs. Takahashi and I were in charge of reception. A reception table was set at the entrance of the hall. We were delighted to welcome many guests one by one, totaling 59 today.

On the second floor is Teddy bear hall. The class is heated behind the glass door. The hall is very clean and bright by the sunlight from four directions of the windows.
We prepared a children-care room today as well. Vivid children are running around in a playroom of the clinic. Babies under one year old are in the hall with their mothers.
Mrs. Harada, a mother of three kids, is making a presentation under the theme of "The importance of meal." She explains her experience to the guests by using charts based upon her family's actual amount of food. She eagerly appealed the guests that she believed in seniors' words and was making effort to have pleasant meals with families so as to grow children with sound mind and healthy body. Young guests today sympathized with her wonderful presentation.

In a children-care room, eight members took care of 12 children. The members have thought out to caring the children safely. Mrs. Ono, the leader of the children-care group, performed an "apron theater" by taking many dolls out of the pocket with telling a lovely story. Children were absorbed in it.
The study class was over. Guests flocked here and there to talk about their impressions. Some of them put what they felt today on the note provided on the table and others looked around the exhibit.

In the back of the hall, we sold household account books and cashbooks in our style. Some guests bought them and promised to attend another study meeting how to keep the books. Cookie ingredients sold well in the hall.
All the study classes sponsored by our Oita Branch were over now. We got together in a meeting room to look back our activities past three times by taking lunch. We rated ourselves that it was very good to have proliferated our belief to live a life with keeping a household account. In the end, we agreed to promote our healthy life with household account books.


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