November 17: Household Account Study Class in downtown Oita  by Mie
The second class of the Household Account Study sponsored by Oita Branch is to be held at Compal, a municipal public hall in downtown Oita. As we don't have much time for preparation today, staff is waiting at the entrance door for opening with items to be used in the class.
As soon as we dashed into the hall, we quickly started to make preparations such as setting chairs, covering the tables, and displaying the exhibition neatly.
It is hard to attach many explanation tables on the wall in a right order with the progress of the class.

Now opening time has come. A guide stands in front of the elevator door on the fourth floor and wait for the guests. We asked the guests to attach "answer tabs" on the questionnaire table on environmental protection practice in each home. We were delighted to find that all the guests were very careful to attach the tab. Many guests looked liked paying attention on such items as not to make excess food, collecting plastic trays, and saving electric power diligently.
The class started at 10 a.m. Mrs. Anan, the general leader of Oita Branch this, year makes a few words.
"Meal is the basis of life in any cases in order to maintain a healthy body and do best in home working. What and how much food should be taken to do so?" Actual dishes are displayed on explanation.

Mrs. Shiotsuki presents her case of the household account. She has a child to undertake an entrance exam next year. Her presentation attracted many guests' nodding. Most of the guests, 93 in total today, take note eagerly.

On the third floor is a children-care room. Kids are happy in playing together in the room while their mothers are studying in the class. On the wall of the room are some rewards made by folding papers into the shape of chrysanthemum flowers in the pods. Kids took lunch around past 11 a.m. They are very bright to eat in a well-mannered way.
After the class, the guests are looking at the exhibit. The actual display of "The standard amount of the food for a housewife per day" strongly attracted the attentions of the guests.
The sample exhibit of Friendship Sale (Christmas sale), to be held on December 9 also appealed to the guests. It includes much kind of Christmas goods, toys, cookies, and bread; we made all of them. We were also delighted to find the answers on the questionnaires, saying: "The class were very useful to understand the importance of making a family budget."

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