November 13: Household Account Study Class@@@by Mie
A household account study class has finally started at the meetinghouse of Oita branch. Our group was on duty for the first study class. We prepared for it from early in the morning.
Before long, guests flocked in twos and threes. They fill a check sheet of "How to protect the environment in our daily lives." Guests are very interested in the environment protection and eagerly checked the sheet.
Today's class started at 10 in the morning. Mrs. Fujiwara asks the guests "Haven't you ever thrown foods away from your refrigerators?" "If you did so", she continues by pointing a diagram, "you should frequently check and clean the food stocked in the refrigerator, and not make excess foods to prevent wasting foods."
Mrs. Shiotsuki's presentation on her next year budget attracted many people's concern: she may have to withdraw some amount of savings to compensate outgoing educational expenses. She talked how to decrease her expenses by further checking.
Mrs. Matoba, the leader of household account group of Oita Branch explains about how to keep household account books. "Actual in-and-out of cash should be recorded on this current book, left green, and the summaries of each items should be copied on the household account book, right, in order to check the balance with the budget. This system was invented 96 years ago by the late Mrs. Motoko Hani, the founder of Group of Friends."

Today's class was over in success. The guests seemed to have learned much by looking the displays, buying household account books, and discussing with our members. After the lunch, we looked back today: it was good to have talked slowly in the presentation, but better synchronization between the pointer and the speaker was needed, and tables should have been changed properly and without panic. Finally, we packed all the materials for next meeting to be held in another site.

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