House Account Study starts from November 13    by Mie
October 1:

We have a study meeting of our Group of Friends today. All the participants joined together with their actual results of household account's monthly average from January through September this year. They were attached on the wall of the meeting room and were explained one by one. Then we looked back how we had made household budget and what was the actual result of them after nine months. We discussed on budget-and-result and selected a model case to be disclosed at the study meeting.

Mrs. Shiotsuki's result was selected as the model case: she has a daughter who will take an entrance exam to a college next spring. Mrs. Harada and Mrs. Inoue will also talk about their household account to appeal the importance of nutritionally balanced diets and eating with whole families. Mrs. Fujiwara of Munakata branch will introduce her house keeping who makes importance of the environmental protection in a home.
They polish up the contents and make tables for explanation.
November 9:

We have rehearsed the presentation many times by attaching tables on the wall.
We make importance of eating. What and how much calorific value should we take to get required amount of nutrition to create a healthy body? We hope we can buy foods and cook them based upon the necessary amount of food actually taken into our body. We think well balanced and proper amount is the must.
A sample table shows a target of taking food by a family in 30s. Actual foods and cooked dishes will be displayed together with the table.
We will also display our products of hand-made items that seem to be useful in our daily lives. Fancy homemade cookies will be introduced on the study class. The items will be sold at the charity bazaar in December.

Now the rehearsal started. Mrs. Shiotsuki presents a sample of her household account by explaining how she had made her budget, how she managed her family budget, and how to make a new budget for the coming year. She stresses the importance of the basic concept in planning a budget, which she has learned through the activity of Group of Friend. The entire attendants are listening very eagerly.
Mrs. Matoba, the leader of household group this year, also makes a presentation to appeal the importance of keeping a household account.
After he rehearsal, we discussed the presentation by checking the contents or whether the tables were suitable enough for the purpose.
This year, we will have household account study classes three times: one on 13th at our meeting house, one on 17th at downtown Oita, and one on 18th at a place in eastern Oita. Not only the preparation but also gathering people is a matter of importance. Mrs. Takahashi, in charge of ticketing, reports the sales amount of the ticket until today. We should gather more people.

November 12:

We have met many times until today for the preparation of the study class that will be started from tomorrow. We are making PR copies of our Group of Friends to be distributed to the attendants. The room was now cleaned up for tomorrow. I hope many people will come and join us to learn how to make a better home.

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