November 2: Guests from Bangladesh     by Mie

We have a regular meeting in November of Group of Friend Oita branch. The members alternately prepare the lunch. Today, "Tommorow's Group", I am presiding, is on duty. I went to the meetinghouse early in the morning to cook the lunch. Today's dish is ginger rice, chicken soup with rich ingredients, and Kabosu jelly. We boiled much soup with a deep pot.
We used two large electric cookers to boil large amount of the ginger rice. Chopped ginger, Shimeji mushroom, stocks of dried bonito shavings and kelp will be added to prepare tasty and plain dish.
In our Group of Friens, we exchange with the people in Bangladesh since 1985 in order to do something to help the females in the country stand on their own feet. This time, we take up many kinds of soybean dishes as high-protein nutritious food, but not well known in Bangladesh. Among our "Kichen-baed Exchange" program foods are green vegetables and small fish dishes.
We will send the 14th mission to Bagladesh this year, mainly consisted of the members from Kyushu braches. This is why we study dishes of soybeans, green vegetables, and small fish. We brought together many kinds of the trial dishes today. This is lovely "Bolo"; small round cookie made from soybean.
Today, we invited two Bangladesh students learning in Oita Medical College, Mr. Karett (left) and Mr. Shanial. They try to taste our dishes and give comments on them.
They said the dishes were very nice, ginger rice in particular. We were delighted and learned we should make soybean and green vegatable dishes much more spicy. They also looked to favor curry-spiced deep-fry of pond smelt.
A reporter of a local paper takes pictures of our exchange. He also enjoyed our trial dishes.

Today, 38 people in total tried our dishes, 34 members of our Oita Branch, two guests of Bangladesh, and a reporter. It was very useful for us to learn how to improve our trial dishes from them. Some of the dishes will be selected and introduced in the 14th Exchange Program to which Mrs. Araki will join from Oita.
After the lunch, we talked much about Bangladesh. We have laerned that it was not so popular for Bangladesh male to visit a female group like today. We appreciated very much for their kindness to help us.

After a short exchange in an hour, we still were lingering around reluctantly. Both of them returned the college, saying, "We will be ready to help you whatever you want to know on Bangladesh." We felt the country very close today through the exchange today.

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