November 1: An off-line meeting at Yufuin   by Mie

We have had a regular mini off-line meeting to welcome the guests whom we became familiar with through Yufuin mailing list. The meeting was held at Arden, a nice tearoom located in a quiet corner of Yufuin valley.

Today, I found beautiful breads on a dish. Yes, this is a present from Mr. Yoshino who lives in the town. It was very tasty, thank you very much Mr. Yoshino. I also enjoyed a wonderful curry dish specially prepared by the tearoom. It features various kinds of spices (red bowl on the left.)


Today's guests are Mr. Yoneyama from Yokohama City (left), who stays in a youth hostel and enjoy autumn of Yufuin by a rental bicycle and with his proud mobile tele-communication gear. The other guest is Miss Taki from Osaka City; she also enjoys Yufuin not only as a tourist but also gathering materials to complete a graduation thesis (right.)
A we-were-there picture, from left: Ms. Ohtani of Arden, my husband Ken, Mr. Yoshino, Mr. Yoneyama, Mr. Ono - the chairman of Yansuikan Hotel in Yufuin-, Miss Taki, and Mr. Matsumura.

On camera side are Mrs. Yuki Furushou of Yufuin and me.

Let's take a "females only" picture, Miss Taki hands her camera to Mr. Matsumura (hand only.)

We have had a very nice meeting in a cozy tearoom with a warm stove on the wonderful background music. Time passed so quickly. The first cold wave this winter was blowing outside, scattering withered leaves on the ground.

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