August 30,1999: Looking around Seoul  by Mie
After we left the meeting with the members of Internet Jiphyunjeon , we saw Mr.Ahn again who guided us to various points of interest in the city. Today, we first headed to National Historic Museum to see the history of Korea, manners and customs, and arts and crafts. They were displayed in an easy to understand way. The exhibits tell us that many of Japanese culture came from Korea. The Museum features a traditional five-storied pagoda on the top of the building.
On our way to the next destination on foot along the long fence of Kyongbokung, the dark sky suddenly turned to a torrential rain. Fortunately, we could take shelter from the rain under Kenshunmun. We were stopped there more than a half-hour, but the scene in the rain was also beautiful as well just like the world of Sumie - a black-and-white painting

Passing through the antique-shop-crowded street of Insa-dong, we came up to Myongdong, the top amusement center in whole Korea. Although we were looking for famed Korean Cuisine, it looked like not so familiar with ordinary Korean people and we couldn't find a restaurant that may serve it. Thanks to Mr. Ahn's effort, however, we got in a nice restaurant. We enjoyed there many unusual dishes like boned-Karubi, Plukogi, hot-pot of octopus, assorted with , of course, heaped up Kimchi. Finally, we shared Bibinba dishes grilled in the stone bowls and ended up with cold noodles in Korean style.
Despite we couldn't enjoy Korean Cuisine, we were very happy to have so many tasty dished. After the dinner, we strolled around Namdoemun market. So many stalls pile up goods on the stands that narrow the street. Mouth-watering dishes were everywhere. The area is said not so crowded in Monday night, especially in a rainy night, but quite a few people were moving around the streets.
Mr. Miyase suddenly shouted "Hey You!" We have come across a group of pleasant people chatting at a stand; they are the teachers in a tour, which Mr. Miyase belongs to. They were enjoying good dished guided by a high school teacher, their friend, in Seoul. This is the last place to expect to meet an acquaintance, indeed.
Time has already passed ten p.m.; we have had so many things today. Well, let's call it a day. Mr. Ahn kindly took us to many beautiful sites for full two days, thank you very much indeed. We promised to see again in Oita next time. We took a we-were-there-picture on the background of Namdoemun. The leftmost stands Mr.Ahn, to the right, Ms. Fujii, children of Nakamura, Masaru, Kei, Mrs. Nakamura, and Mr. Shirley.
The Nakamuras headed back to the hotel. Mr. Ahn stopped taxis and ordered the drivers to take us to DLI63Bldg. Although it was not the top floor of the building, we enjoyed a wonderful night scene of downtown Seoul from the lounge on the 59th floor.
At last, the longest day was over. I reported to "Seeing-is-believing" web site of our COARA through Mr. Suyama's note PC on the meeting with Jiphyunjeon members. I feel much more secure to be with COARA members who are very good at using PCs, he accessed the web site through the roaming service. Before I knew, we will be back home tomorrow already.

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