June 21: Time Keeping Study
by Mie
In 1959, the late Ms. Motoko Hani, the founder of Group of Friend, had established the rule to check the time keeping status of the Group branches all over Japan every five years. This time is the ninth checking. I have been involved in it since the third checking. Each member records the life time of the home for a week in detail according to the format. All events, such as wake-up, breakfast preparation, taking breakfast, who took the breakfast together, dish washing, house cleaning, laundry, and all other small time fractions, are carefully picked up and recorded on the sheet in unit of one minute using specified colors.

The magnificent work was carried out by 27,000 members in the first ten days of June throughout Japan. The original data will be sent to Tokyo head quarters for processing and analyzing to produce very precious information. When the information is compared with that of the past files, the change of our life style and the whereabout of the problem to be improved will become clear.
Starting this year, the individual raw data is to be added up by personal computers. Today, three members came to my home to do the input work: Mrs. Yasui, in charge of the add-up of our Oita branch, Mrs. Anan, the leader, and Mrs. Matoba who is in charge of house account and an excellent user of a PC in her home. Before the working, we have a short time to sing a hymn
The recording sheets were sent from the members of Oita Group of Friend. Ms. Yasui has already checked it, but we again look them through for double assurance.
Now, two couples started to enter the data into two PCs. Mrs. Anan reads up the data and Mrs. Matoba put it into the PC (left.) Likewise, I input data by picking up Mrs. Yasui's reading (right.) There are so many filling-up mistakes in the sheets. Every time we find a mistake, we call up the recorder for re-confirmation. Data input work requires a lot of painstaking works.
Tiredness may result in the increase of input mistakes. The time is already turned noon. We made up our mind to open the brought-in lunch boxes. Mu husband has prepared for us clear soup of Soumen noodle which he has just learned in the Cooking Class last Saturday. The dessert was tasty brought-in yogurt jelly.
Here comes an express delivery. A member sent the sheet after the deadline. We soon checked it and included the add up data.
At 3:30 p.m, the hard work was over. The individual record was summed up like this, totaling 52 members. The next step is to gather all 20 branches' data in Kyushu district for the final add up all over Japan basis. The data will be put under careful examination and hot discussion to make clear good or bad points of the current time keeping status. We will then make the most of the result on our life, recalling the word of the founder Motoko Hani, "Time keeping is life keeping."

Five years ago, the final data tells the decrease of sleeping time compared with p\the previous research. This means adults and children as well are turning into a "night-type" life. Housekeeping time was decreased as well in sewing cloths and house cleaning in particular. What tendency will come up this time? I am expecting the result.

All the works were over. we are relaxed around the table on the terrace over my home-made sweet cream puffs and tasty coffee my husband prepared for us.From left: Mrs. Yasui, Mrs. Anan, Mie, and Mrs. Matoba. Thank you for your cooperation today.

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